Seth Riggs talks to RockTheWeb! about the Kind of Pop

Seth Riggs talks to RockTheWeb! about the Kind of Pop

RockTheWeb Exclusive: Seth Riggs talks about his student Michae Jackson

Michael Jasckson’s personality revealed through the memories of his vocal coach-Seth Riggs. On the third anniversary of Michael’s death, RockTheWeb interviewed his mentor, Seth Riggs, in a luxurious villa in Las Vegas. Seth Riggs, also known as the “Teacher of the Stars” has been Michael’s mentor for more than 3 decades. His Speech Level Singing technique has been used by numerous performers, some of the few lucky Chinese performers who have been thought by him Leehom Wang and Lin Junjie. Now RockTheWeb! contestants, part of the Las Vegas Academy, are part of the array of singers to get vocal training by Seth Riggs himself.

In the interview Seth Riggs recalls happy and also touching memories of the King if Pop. Seth Riggs talks about Michael’s talent as a singer and dancer as well as his kind and compassionate nature.

Watch the video to find out more.

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