Uta sings for EU delegates at a charity dinner to raise money for Chinese orphans

Uta sings for EU delegates at a charity dinner to raise money for Chinese orphans

The 11th annual charity gala dinner was held in Beijing's Kempinski Hotel on the evening of Thanksgiving, November 22. The event was organized by the EU-China Managers Association in collaboration with China Charity. Recently returned from her trip to the U.S., RockTheWeb's first season winner, Uta was on board to help raise funds for the cause.

"Give a Helping Hand to Orphans in China," was the theme of the gala. Uta sang two folk songs from her previous albums. She urged guests to be mindful of the living conditions and life quality of orphans and poor children, and to care for and help those in need.


During an interview, Uta expressed that "love is the most influential power in the world. We should treat all people with love and gratitude, regardless of whether or not we know them personally. We should care for others. When you show love and care to people, they will love you back. I think if people adopt this attitude the world will just get better and better." Uta intends to do more charity work and holds the desire to spread love and help those in need.


Uta recently completed production of her new song, "Original Painting," in the U.S.. The song was composed by famed production team, The Matrix - former producers to Avril Lavigne - while the music video was shot and directed by esteemed film artist, Christopher Doyle. During the recording period Uta received vocal coaching from Seth Riggs, a celebrated singing teacher whose previous students include Michael Jackson and Madonna. During the gala dinner Uta sang two ballads, "Feathers" and "Still Remember Those Years," reminiscent of her previous singing style, but a distinct contrast with that heard in "Original Painting." This new song marks an important turn in Uta's career, departing from subtle and peaceful songs to a more ambitious and expressive sound.


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