Uta goes to Hollywood!

Uta goes to Hollywood!

Uta, winner of our first season, is getting ready for her trip to Hollywood! There, she'll record her single with Scott Spock, producer to Beyonce, Rihanna, and many more!

Accompanying her will be Zhentao, winner of our Most Active Fan competition, and Chinese music critic, Keerqinfu. The lucky group will arrive in LAX on October 15th to begin their six-day dream tour of Hollywood.

Seth Riggs has invited the group to his Hollywood mansion, bestowed on him by former student, Michael Jackson, where they'll chat with the distinguished teacher. Also on the schedule is a visit to Scott Spock's studio, for a close-up look at the ins and outs of the music production process. In preparation for the recording, Uta has been in talks with Scott Spock over the past 2 months, discussing song choices and styles. While Uta works away in the studio, her entourage will get in some sightseeing, including a tour of Universal Studios Hollywood and some shopping at LA's The Grove.

We'll be posting photos of the trip and recording progress so stay tuned! Good luck to Uta and enjoy your debut into the world of pop music.

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Hollywood, CA, US

Beijing, China